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Agence Mobilité Europe interview and follow the mobility project of the profesional : Nurses, Masseurs – physiotherapists, Radiology technicians, Medical Doctors, Midwives

Coming from Spain, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Rumany, …


Our services to employers :

Selection and presentation of profesionals which project and profil feets whith jobposition and expatation of the center. Help and support in welcoming and integrating future employees. Information and follow up of administrative process (diploma recognition, official translations, vaccinations, etc.) Follow up and advises during integration period.


Our methods

Interviews: assessment of personal and professional future plan of candidates, evaluation of motivation and suitability for the prospective post.

Role-play programmes to evaluate abilities to cope with expatriation.

Preparing the candidate for expatriation:

Our Partners: We work in cooperation with both public and private sectors in Europe (professional training centres, employment agencies, language schools, universities)

Participative approach with clients: collaborate with clients in the elaboration of an exhaustive database of information on proposed posts: employment conditions and practical information on arrival. We emphasize the importance of information given to the candidate, this information should be as close as possible to the reality facing the employee when starting work.


Our operation

Our procedures are as follows:

1. Description of the post

2. Selection of candidates

3. Preparation of the candidates, management of administrative procedures

4. Presentation of the candidates, sending CV and summary of evaluations

5. help devising integration plans

6. Organisation of the arrivals of the candidates



In the case of a premature departure of the employee, we will undertake a replacement. The terms and conditions are included in the employment contract.


Our Experience

High rate of success: quality of recruitments and successful integration of employees in the workplace