Employment opportunities in Europe

The freedom of movement of people and recognition of their educational qualifications within the European Union allows for greater employment opportunities.

Some European countries, such as France, are suffering from a lack of skilled workers in a number of sectors, notably in health care.

At present we deal mainly with France. French companies (hospitals, private clinics etc) are used to receiving foreign personnel. We are recruiting nurses, physiotherapists, radiology technicians, doctors, mid-wives, pharmacists, dentists and orthodontic laboratory technicians.

Our partners

We work in cooperation with both public and private sectors in Europe (training centres, employment agencies, language schools).

Our experience

People for who we have found employment in foreign countries enjoyed their experience. Integration may be long, and with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the person, but overall most found the experience enriching on a professional and personal level.

Our activities

We provide the candidates with general information regarding the host country, as well as the specific profession and relevant legal obligations.

We endeavour to match the candidates with the best suited post.

We help the candidates plan a successful induction package, giving them all necessary information in regards to the job, city and country to which they will be moving, thus ensuring the best possible integration.

Our objective is for the candidates to feel good in their work and personal life. We will provide help and support to the candidates in obtaining all necessary documents (diploma recognition, official translations, vaccinations, contract signings etc.)

We will support and advise the candidates throughout the period of integration and during their employment in France.

Our methods


One or several selection interviews will have to be passed. During the first interview we will get to know you and will answer any questions you may have. We will brief you on how to obtain all the necessary documents, on the different employment opportunities on offer at the time as well as prospective opportunities for the future and on the cultural differences between yours and the host country. Our objective is to help you plan and decide your professional future based on informed, comprehensive data.

These selection interviews will take place either with us, or directly with the employer in the prospective town or place of employment.

Preparation for expatriation

According to your needs, or on the employer’s request, we will direct you towardslinguistic training.

We will also inform you on the range of possible problems you may encounter once in employment, both on a professional and personal level (language barrier, initial feelings of loneliness in the first few months). Laying down this type of ground work will prevent any surprises or disillusionment.

Our support with administrative procedures is ongoing: before departure and in France (opening bank account, degree equivalence...)

At the same time, we work with the employers to prepare your integration: upon arrival you will be placed in temporary accommodation, with further help provided in finding more permanent lodgings.

The employer will prepare the team on site and establish a tutoring system.

If we know of any other locally based compatriots, we will put you in contact with them.


Participative approach with clients to:

  1. To compile an exhaustive database of anticipated posts and
  2. Provide good employment conditions and practical information on arrival.

We emphasize the importance providing the candidate with quality information, ensuring that the provided information is as close as possible to the future reality the employee will face once commencing work.